The Druids

The Druids now, while arms are heard no more,
        Old mysteries and oaken rites restore.
          A tribe who singular religion love,
     And haunt the lonely coverts of the grove.
      To these, and these of all mankind alone
 The Gods are sure revealed, or sure unknown.
      If dying mortals' doom they sing aright,
  No ghosts descend to hell this dreadful night.
      No parting souls to gristly Pluto go,
    Nor seek the dreary, silent shades below:
      But forth they fly, immortal in their kind,
    And other bodies in new worlds they find.
       Thus life for ever runs its endless race
    And, like a line, death but divides the space:
         A stop which can for a moment last,
      A point between the future and the past.
   Thrice happy they between the northern skies.
  Who that worst fate, the fear of death, despise.
     Hence they no cares for this frail being feel,
       but rush undaunted on the pointed steel.
    Provoke approaching fate, and bravely scorn
      To spare the life which must so soon return!

Rowe's LUCAN
The Nemeton of Taliere:
Y Gwir Yn Erbyn Byd
The Truth Against the World


                    Greetings my friends, and well met.  It seems that there is a plethora
                    of information regarding Druidism currently circulating online.  Some
                    of the information rings true to my ears, while others seem to be
                    misled, or a Bastardized form of Druidism (as I see it).  It is
                    not my intention to slam any of those paths, but rather, my
                    belief that Druidism and Wicca are two distinctly separate paths,
                    and were initially Gender orientated.  I am not saying it should be
                    thus in today's practices, if a female wants to be a Druid, or a male
                    wants to practice Wicca, then so be it.  I believe that male and
                    female energies do not mesh together properly in a ritual working in
                    my path.  I know there are many who would disagree with this opinion,
                    but to be honest, I really couldn't give a damn.  Segregation during
                    Magickal ritual workings may make me seem sexist or biased  perhaps,
                    but you are the individual who will read the mythologies, the
                    meditations and the stories contained within my web page; my opinions
                    are simply that [an opinion] and may not be taken as the Status Quo.

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